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Baptised & Confirmed

Today was my baptism and confirmation.

I was baptised and confirmed by the Bishop of London in St Pauls Cathedral, along with 50 others from an assortment of churches around London.

It was an amazing day. First of all, St Pauls was an incredible place to be baptised and confirmed in. It is just so beautiful. The cathedral was shut to tourists for the morning, which was lovely - it was nice to see it just in use as a church. There was a real mix of people there - I was one of three adult candidates for confirmation from my church, but there were a lot of little girls between the ages of 10 and 13 (I think) who looked lovely in their white dresses.

I was also incredibly chuffed by how many of my family and friends came along. I had 14 people there for me in total, including my uncle who I asked to be my sponsor and went up to the font for my baptism. I felt really supported, and that mattered to me a lot.

The entire ceremony was quite intricate, and quite long. I think I was annointed with oil twice, had rather liberal amounts of holy water poured over my head three times (all in quick succession) and nearly lost my glasses in the font when the Bishop decided to push my head down towards the water with a little bit more enthusiasm than I was expecting!

Slightly strangely, my church seemed to be the only one where all the baptismal candidates had brought sponsors/godparents. We all had someone to go up with us, whereas everyone else was just walking up with our priest. I was also the only person with a confirmation name. I don't think, however, that I regret either of those choices. I was very glad to have someone I knew well beside me when I had to walk up to the huge font in the Cathedral in front of the (I think) hundreds of folk who were there. I'm also really glad I took a confirmation name (Tabitha) to signify the new direction with my life that I want to take.

The hymns were all lovely, and were all nice and familiar which was great. The sermon from the Bishop was wonderful - he spoke about being honest and truthful, with ourselves and others - and about the need to open up our hearts - which was really appropriate for me, especially at this time in my life.

Emotionally, it was a bit of a mixed bag. I was utterly terrified during the rehearsal - I really really wished that I could just be baptised and confirmed in my own little church and not in this huge and scary place - but as the deacon handed out our candles, and I looked up at the great dome, and heard all these different voices singing around me, filling the whole building, I was very glad that I'd been able to experience this.

It's still strange to me that this has happened in some ways. It has all happened much more quickly than I expected - I've had one confirmation class, and some in depth chats with my priest, and that's it. I'm glad I've done it, however. I feel really bright inside, if that makes sense, and so much happier and more hopeful about the future.
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