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For Parents: When Do We Start Bringing Kids To "Big Church" Instead of the Nursery?

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Simon turned 3 in January. He has come to church with me since he was born. Before I joined the choir, I regularly left the service during the offertory and brought Simon into the service to receive a blessing when I partake of communion. As he has gotten older he has naturally gotten more wiggly and more vocal. With sivib not coming to church with me, I am responsible for teaching Simon how to behave in Church.Simon loves the sanctuary and when he sees me come get him, he always says "we go sing songs, Papa?" (his name for Worship is logical to me because what is the main thing that goes on when he is there?) I am beginning to think, however, that 3 is a bit young for him to be in "big church" even for communion. This fall he'll move up to the Children's Service that Christ Church runs along with Sunday School for the kids (that starts for kids who are at least 3 in September of every year).

My initial thought was to expose him to the service little by little (i.e. communion). How do you folks with small children teach them how to act in the service and at what age do you think is appropriate to "take them out of the nursery"?
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