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Fort Worth Votes 80%-20% To Leave TECUSA

...and join the Southern Cone.

Is Her Grace the Presiding Bishop now using a boiler plate to respond to all increasing number of dioceses and churches leaving?

Bishop Stanton of Dallas, however, refuses to move (quoting the Dallas Morning News today):

Bishop Stanton, who has sided with Bishop Iker in many church controversies, said that 80 percent of his parishioners had concerns about the direction of the national church. But 80 percent of them weren't troubled enough to want to leave.

The Dallas Diocese has seen some conservative churches leave on their own, including the large, influential Christ Church in Plano. But Bishop Stanton is disinclined to follow the lead of his close friend Bishop Iker.

"We're not going anywhere," Bishop Stanton said. "If I've heard it said once, I've heard it said a thousand times: You don't win a battle by leaving the battlefield."

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