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Godspeed Fr. Jake

This week, one of the leading voices in chronicling the events and factions in today's Episcopal Church hung up his pen and closed down his weblog.  "Father Jake Stops the World" was a regular staple in my understanding what was happening in our Diocese and the neighboring Dioceses of San Joaquin (both Southern Cone and ECUSA).

After the recent GAFCON conference in Jerusalem, which resulted in the Communion remaining strained but intact, "Jake" (actually a Vicar in a peaceful looking church in an undisclosed location) figured he needed to have a break.

I wish "Fr. Jake" peace in his retirement.  And I pray that awakened, we on the edge of the breakaway churches and diocese, will work to continue God's ministry in our life and someday work for reconciliation with our neighbors in the "Southern Cone".  For here in Sacramento, they literally are our neighbors and in many cases our friends.
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